About Us

Stafford Wells financial & estate planning philosophy

We believe in giving individual investors in-depth investment planning advice through customized investment plans and personalized attention. We’re able to offer this because we strive to keep our client base small and focused. We build strong one-to-one relationships with our clients.

As an independent wealth advisor, we offer unbiased advice, steering clients to best-in-class investment advisors, mutual funds and indexing strategies while considering both domestic and global economic conditions. We look at each client’s financial situation as unique – we offer customized wealth-building solutions.

We do not sponsor any of our own financial products and client assets are held in custodial accounts (separate from our organization).

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Our preferred investments include:

  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs, low cost index funds that are traded on the major stock exchanges)
  • No-load mutual funds (including institutional class shares)
  • Separately managed accounts

To achieve diversification we may recommend other mutual funds or exchange traded funds that include: real estate, commodities (such as metals, agriculture and energy), gold and natural resources.

Stafford Wells does not receive commission for selling you financial products which ensures our unbiased perspective. We charge clients fees based on a percentage of assets, aligning our incentive to yours.