Is it better to own a boat than furniture? How much value does an advisor add?
July 2014

Dear Clients & Friends, Tax season is over and hopefully you can make some time for your personal finances.   It makes good sense to get a midyear update on your investments by making sure that you are properly diversified and your financial plan is in… Continue reading

Refinancing a Mortgage Has Gotten Easier
June 2014

Thought you couldn’t refinance? Think again.By Susan Carr-TempletonPosted on June 16, 2014 Mortgage lenders are finally beginning to soften the restrictions they had imposed on mortgage lending, whether it is buying a new home or refinancing an existing one. The standards by which you can qualify… Continue reading

Did you have a Tax Attack?
April 2014

Dear Clients & Friends,Did you have a Tax ATTACK?April 15 was startling for many when they got their tax bill. If you are a high earner or had a good year in the stock market, you probably saw a significant increase in your tax bill, thanks to… Continue reading

Your Children and their Personal Finance Skills
November 2012

By Chris MinasianIt’s that time of year--kids are back in school and have much to learn! We know this economy has greatly affected children and their beliefs about college, their future careers and how spending money affects them. Do you know the majority of teenagers… Continue reading

Planning for the Illinois Estate Tax
November 2009

Act Now!  Planning for the Illinois Estate Tax    With the American public focused on the issue of health care reform, and nursing their hangovers from riding the stock market roller coaster, it is unlikely that many people are losing sleep right now over the… Continue reading