Ultra High Net Worth: Top Five Factors That Got Them There
June 24, 2015

An interview with high-net-worth investors shows some surprising results on how similar the factors are in achieving their success.

In a research study conducted by Spectrem, an independent research organization focusing on high-net-worth investors with a net worth ranging $5 million-$25 million, found the following:

The first three factors: Ninety-six percent of investors said hard work was a factor, 93 percent said education was a factor and 90 percent cited “smart investing.”

Taking fourth and fifth place were “frugality” at 81 percent and “taking risk” at 72 percent.

No. 8 on the investors’ list is “decisions made for me by a financial advisor” at 43 percent.

The question arises as to why the results for “smart investing” and “decisions made for me by a financial advisor” are so different… 90 percent versus 43 percent?  

While I do not know the exact reason, I know that in the role of financial advisor, it is our job to grow and preserve wealth for clients with a range of net worth’s. I do not look at our advisor work as one to make big investment bets or take significant risk with a client’s assets.  That is not our job, nor is it what we are hired for.  It is positive to know that 43 percent of the respondents found their financial advisor brought significant value to the great extent of making someone into an “Ultra high net worth” individual.

While we do like our clients to bring new venture investments or higher risk investments to our attention, and we are happy to comment and provide our opinion, the ultimate decision needs to be made by the investors.

If you are looking to move into the “ultra high net worth” category, take note of what others are saying:  Work harder, keep yourself educated or knowledgeable and make good investment decisions.

Susan Templeton

June 2015