Personalized One-On-One Attention

At Stafford Wells Advisors, we're able to customize our wealth-building work for our clients. This means, in addition to managing their assets, we take a client's stage of life into account, from those still in their prime earning years to retirees who need to draw regular income differently.

We advise high-net-worth clients including individuals and families with at least $1 million in investable assets through individualized investment advice and personal attention.

Our Investment Advice Process


We work with you to understand your short and long term goals, determine how to best reach those goals and - then build a road map to get there. We consider your current investments and strategize new investment options while taking into account asset allocation, potential cash needs, diversification and risk tolerance.


The road map may include:

  • Implementing a savings plan
  • Working through tax implications and solutions
  • Planning Social Security distributions
  • Education planning
  • Maximizing strategies for charitable giving
  • Conducting estate planning for beneficiaries
  • Reviewing health care and life insurance

We often work directly with our client's accountants and attorneys to coordinate the details ensuring consistency among clients' professional support teams and saving valuable time.

For each client, we create a custom Investment Policy Statement outlining how the portfolio will be invested based on criteria that we have worked together to determine. These criteria include the length of time until the funds are needed, and the client's risk tolerance and return expectations. Within this document, we include the asset allocation guidelines that we will use in managing the assets.


We meet with clients quarterly, or on an as-needed basis, to review the investment portfolios from long and short term outlooks. Annually, we review each client's financial plan and adjust the road map as his or her goals or situation may change.


Our investment research professionals bring a wide array of investment experience to provide sophisticated and relevant investment advice to a national base of clientele in the nonprofit, retirement plan, and private wealth markets. The team is small enough to view every client as a highly valued partner and is large enough to offer clients top- tier technology, economies of scale through a multi-billion- dollar asset base, and boutique access to some of the industry's most talented consulting professionals.

The core investment team of Taiber Kosmala LLC averages 17 years of experience, have worked together for over 13 years, and leverages decades of combined experience across a diverse set of backgrounds.

Over the course of their careers, these professionals have consulted with a wide range of clientele including top performing university endowments, large public pension systems, regional healthcare institutions, Fortune 500 corporate pension plans, and affluent families.