Your Personal Wealth Growth

We understand that your situation is unique so we tailor our services accordingly. We are mindful that our services need to adapt to clients' ever changing needs. Our relationships with our clients goes beyond that of simple investment advisors; we typically wear many hats including but not limited to investment counsel, a confidential source to brainstorm, someone who can either answer your question or find the answer for you, and a guide through life's changes.

Are You...
  • Looking for an independent investment team to bring sophisticated and relevant investment advice?
  • A business owner who needs coordination and oversight between business assets and personal assets?
  • Looking for retirement planning that may include tax, estate and insurance planning?
  • Looking for a team to coordinate your financial details because you do not have the time, expertise or interest?
  • Wanting to have someone coordinate your investments so that your spouse or beneficiary have an independent advisor connection should something happen to you?
  • Divorced or going through a divorce?
Compare Our Services
Stafford Wells Brokerage Firms Asset Management Firms Banks And Trust Companies
Recommendations provided without conflicts of interest (no fee sharing or proprietary products) Yes No Yes Maybe
Provide access to multiple managers and styles Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
Screen for managers with outstanding track records Yes Maybe No Maybe
Screen for managers for tax efficiency Yes Maybe No Maybe
Provide objective, consolidated performance reporting Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
Replace underperforming managers Yes Maybe No Maybe
Negotiate reduced manager minimums and fees Yes Maybe No Maybe
Negotiate preferential custody and trading arrangements Yes No Maybe No