The team at Taiber Kosmala partners with us in a variety of ways

The core work that they do is to research every square inch of the global markets and find the best opportunities for investment that will return the greatest amount of reward for the least amount of risk.

They build portfolios using these best risk adjusted asset classes and then find the best managers to manage those asset classes or country specific opportunities. Along with their own internal research, TK interviews over 1,000 managers of funds each year where they are able gain insight into trends in global growth and industry specific emerging opportunities. These interviews is also an opportunity to vet each manager, their track record, consistency of returns and tenure on the job.

When portfolios are constructed for our clients, each portfolio is stressed tested to determine the potential for downside returns and upside opportunity. Our clients want to know how much downside risk a portfolio is taking on, so TK analyzes the potential gain and loss for each portfolio within two standard deviations which is a 95.45% probability. Although these metrics cannot be guaranteed, hundreds of pieces of data are utilized to create the most likely scenario. Risk and return metrics are measured and delivered in a manner that our clients can understand.

Not everyone fits into a model portfolio. Portfolios are often redesigned to meet a particular customer need such as the desire to generate income without additional exposure to bonds, to work around a client holding of individual stocks held but cannot be sold due to tax or other constraints.

For our clients that are looking beyond the mainstream of a conservative diversified portfolio, TK finds opportunities, often before they become popular in the press and with big investment firms, such as more recently creating a basket of deeply discounted closed end bond funds, a diversified distressed municipal bond portfolio, and being an early adopter of investing in frontier markets.